Brief updates

Alhamdulillah, we are now 1 week into the holy and blessed month of Ramadhan! 🙂 May all of us remain steadfast in our ibadah for the remaining weeks leading up to Syawal.

I’ve yet to write detailed posts on our progress so far in terms of wedding prep, but I’m glad to report that we have since settled:

  1. Bride’s venue
  2. Bride’s catering
  3. Bride’s decor
  4. Bride’s berkat
  5. Bride’s wedding invitations
  6. Our event photography!

Everything has fallen into place quite nicely, albeit with a few hiccups along the way. The reason why it seems that most of the important stuff for the bride’s side has been settled at one shot is because of the bridal lunch reception package that my parents have signed up for.

As I’m the youngest in the family, having gone through my eldest sister and elder brother’s weddings, my family has always been very comfortable and keen on the idea of organising my wedding at The Chevrons Ballroom. It started with my sister’s wedding, and then continued with my brother, and now me! Haha.

It’s funny because nothing else was really ever an option, because from the moment I told my parents that Ahmad had proposed to me, they were very chop2 and even asked me “Nanti kerja kahwin is it ok with you if we stick to Chevrons?

I’m all okay with it, because my parents are Insya’Allah footing most of the bill, because 90% of the guestlist will be their relatives and friends from all walks of life hahahaha. I already told them way beforehand that I need less than 100 pax, because 1.) I don’t think I have that many friends LOL 2.) I don’t know any distant relatives that need to be invited.

So as far as I’m concerned, I leave most of the decision-making in terms of venue and catering to my parents. They are comfortable with Chevrons, and so am I, alhamdulillah. As such, we met up with the marketing representative at the venue, and she explained to us the package. The Chevrons caters mostly to Chinese weddings, but they obviously have the Halal menu. Everything is included, down to the wedding invitations and berkat, and this makes it easier for my family because we are the sort that like to sit back and relax as much as possible, rather than to outsource here & there which makan banyak masa and seeing as to how my parents are not getting any younger, I can understand why they want to settle things asap.

The choice of pelamin and decor therefore is extremely limited (because like I said, not many Malay clients, and decor supplier they work with isn’t Malay also) , and not as nice as what I envisioned. However, like I said, I’m totally fine with it because 1.) I’m NOT picky at all 2.) Asalkan dapat tempat duduk, insyaAllah ok 🙂


Here’s a picture of my brother’s pelamin during his wedding at the same venue. Like I said, it’s not exactly as grand as beautiful as some other Malay wedding companies, but I think it’s ok and it fits my criteria


And this is the view from the bride & groom’s perspective, just to give you and idea of the ballroom itself.

Alhamdulillah, I’m happy with my parents’ choice. There will, however, be limitations, like everything else in the world hahahaha.

My parents have noticed that they have taken away some of the perks from the package compared to previous years. The clubhouse will also be undergoing some renovation, and this might affect the aesthetic appeal of the clubhouse because of the noise and also because of the construction works. However, my parents are well aware of this and feel that that should not be a factor. So, like I said, planning a wedding in 9 months DOES have its restrictions. To each his own.

If any of you are interested to know more about Chevrons package, I’ll PM you directly for a contact number or an approximate quotation insyaAllah.

Till the next post!

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