100 Days Away!


I downloaded the wedding countdown app many weeks ago, and have been using it to track important dates like ROMM registration (done!). Speaking of that, it was a smooth process done online within 10-15 minutes, and my fiance did it while I slept soundly at 12am hahahaha well he volunteered for the task and i willingly obliged 😛

We booked our nikah at 11am (just to take note, you can only book hourly slots, meaning no such thing as 10.30 or 10.45 or 11.30, you have to round it up to the nearest hour and plan your event accordingly yeah :D). We chose Ustaz Muhammad Zahid Mohd Zin, alhamdulillah. We had no preference of any particular kadi, we just choose according to who’s available and also try our best to choose one in the west side. So ROMM registration is done, we’ll have to go down for the interview with my dad sometime in January, insyaAllah.

So…. 100 days to go. I surprisingly don’t feel much. When asked by family and friends how I’m feeling as the day draws nearer, I’ll just smile and say I’m excited. Because I am! HAHAHAH. I feel so ready to take the next step, settle down and grow old with him. InsyaAllah.

Of course I’m stressed out too. I have yet to clear my room for him, make plans for the “bridal room”, and the thought of having someone stay in with me for the rest of my life does freak me out a bit. I’ve been living with my parents, just the 3 of us, for a good 3-4 years ever since my brother got married and moved out. I’ve been very comfortable doing my “own thing”, not really caring about serving or taking care of another person. (my parents are the self-sufficient and mind-their-own-business type)

I spoke to my fiance about it, and he said he wouldn’t know what to suggest either. I must be mindful that he is going through the exact same thing as me… in fact because he is moving IN to my house, it’ll be weirder and an even steeper learning curve for him. May we always choose to love over anything else, and May God always bless us with patience, love, and compassion towards one another.




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