Wedding Cards Appointment 1

As part of the package signed with The Chevrons, we are entitled to wedding cards amounting to 80% of total no. of pax. The vendor that The Chevrons has partnered with is T Dragon Cards (hahaha I think the name is so cute – sounds like a gangsta rapper name) and we were to make a trip there for a viewing and selection of card design.

As mentioned before, my sister and brother took up the exact same packages as me years back, so we did have some experience dealing with them. They are a Chinese company specialising in Chinese wedding cards, BUT they do have experience with creating Malay wedding cards, so to not to worry.

The basic aesthetic of the company is simple, cleancut, and classy wedding cards. This is NOT the company for you if you want a wedding card that:

  • Contains caricatures of you and your spouse to-be
  • Is very cutesy and youthful-looking
  • Contains cartoons or comic-style cards

It is however, the wedding card company for you if you prefer white/ivory/red backgrounds with beautiful gold lettering, or timeless card designs. This fit my bill perfectly, so it wasn’t a difficult appointment at all

Upon arriving, we were given several portfolio albums to browse through to choose our card design. They have some older albums but when probed, the lady attending to us did show us her newer collections (consisting of mainly floral and hipster-ish type designs, but still very simple and elegant).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE florals and english paisley designs… but not for my wedding card. In my opinion, these designs tend to look busy and Crabtree & Evelyn-esque, and not reflective of my wedding theme. So I stuck with the white and ivory-based cards.

We found some standard open-and-close cards, but as I looked around the display cabinets, I found one that struck me as particularly modern yet classy-chic:



It’s just an open two-faced card, with intricate border, and I chose to top up more cash for the shiny gold lettering. Of course it will be two-faced because the card will be in English and Malay.

I’m so glad I found the card that I like, and upon showing it to my fiance, he loved it too 🙂 Yay!


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