Coney Island Cycling!

Over the long Christmas weekend, my fiance and I decided to spend some quality time that we’ve been missing out from these past few months, and we planned a whole day of fun. So on Tuesday, he took a day off from work just so that we could go to Coney Island for some nature-loving 😉 Hahahaha

The nearer we get to our big day, the more I cherish such moments because I realise that amidst the wedding-planning frenzy and chaos, what truly matters is we take the time to each other to reconnect. After all, we will be spending the rest of our lives together insyaAllah. And to be honest, it was a beautiful experience after my 5 day trip to KL (read : settling miscellaneous wedding errands and buying wedding accessories etc etc with my parents = STRESSSSS).

It was just the 2 of us, enjoying the peace and quiet of Coney Island. And to be honest, it was such a good idea to go on a Tuesday because there was basically NOBODY else cycling on the dirt path with us, except for some teenagers and elderly folk.

I implore all you b2bs to take some time to de-stress because believe me, I KNOW how stressful all the prep and planning can get. Just take a day off if you can afford it, relish in deep conversation and activities that both of you enjoy. 🙂