Bridesmaid Outfits

Bridesmaids outfits are settled!

The general look I desired was simple, classy, and elegant. I have 1 hijabi bridesmaid, so I had to take that into account as well. The dress above is from the brand LOCKA, and I ordered 3 pieces at a discounted price amounting to around SGD40 each only. It’s made of the normal polyblend material (wrinkle-free and lightweight) and it’s called the Aliaa Pleated Dress. It’s a lovely shade of nude peach, so it’s something that anyone and everyone can wear. Thankfully, I’ve passed 2 dresses over to my 2 bridesmaids (last one to be handed over later tonight :D) and they said that the dress fits them well! Yay!

I did take into account how plain it looks, and of course it’s up to them how they wanna accessorize it. I think the dress would look amazing with statement jewellery.

For the brides or b2bs out there, do you have any MUA (makeup artists) to recommend for bridesmaid makeovers? Preferably good and affordable. Thankssss


Wedding Invites – Received all 350 cards from vendor, writing up a guest list currently, will send out by end of January

Wedding Poster – A1 size and will be designed by ‘fzle’, who designed my ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ card. Cost is affordable, $30+. Frame and stand will be provided by The Chevrons.

Wedding Bands – Ordered and paid in full from Meyson Jewellery. Will blog more about this.

Food Tasting – Done and settled the full menu.

Veil for Sunday – Will be custom-ordered from Nasheera Alkaff, appointment this week.

Bridal Tiara for Sunday – Will be rented from my MUA, Raja Nor.ashi.kin. Awaiting pictures from her.

Guestbook – Still looking


Coming from a family of workaholics (or hard workers sounds nicer), I must constantly remind myself not to be one. It’s easy to get caught up dedicating yourself in your profession, aiming for perfection or excellence, but at what cost?

Some days I do come back home feeling so exhausted that the last thing I need is any form of human interaction. Being in this line of work, where interacting with people constantly nonstop, I’ve started to become more and more absent-minded… Heard of the “mummy brain”? I call mine the “Teacher’s Brain”. We are continually bombarded with so many different issues, many of which involve interpersonal relationships and also connecting to the other person to some level, that it really wears into the mind, body, and soul.

I made the conscious decision to get married on the 1st weekend of the March school holidays, so that I could have the short 1 week to just get away for a few days. Definitely will save up for the longer trip in Nov/Dec holidays. But just yesterday when we settled the booking for flights and accomodation, it dawned on me that right after March holidays, Term 2 Week 1 will start. And time waits for no man. It really is a depressing thought hahahahahah

Well, I think it boils down to striving towards a work-life balance, and not letting work consume you. Eventually, we learn that work truly never ever ends…


Much Ado about Bridesmaids

About 3 months ago, I met my 3 close girlfriends separately to break the question to them, “Will you be my bridesmaid (please)?” Hahaha. It’s interesting because I met all 3 girls when I was in uni, but separately. 2 of them are from my university batch, and the other was from a different course but we met through a mutual friend, and we’ve remained close ever since.

I won’t lie, at first I wasn’t planning on havingĀ bridesmaids because I grew up in a family where bridesmaids/groomsmen were usually our own cousins… we come from a pretty large family.

Nearer to the date, I started toying with the idea of including my close girlfriends in my big day, due to sentimental and also practical reasons. There’s nothing better than celebrating life’s milestones with your close friends by your side, and I know that these specific girls that I’ve chosen to be my entourage are reliable and kind individuals who completely fit my criteria. Yay!

For practical reasons too, I realise that I’m actually the youngest girl in the family, and all my cousins have been married and most of them actually already have a few kids of their own. Doesn’t sit well with me to trouble them with bridesmaid duties when they have other bigger responsibilities to take care of. So yup, sad as it may sound, I’ve played bridesmaid (and even theĀ pengiring/pengapit to 1 of my close cousins), but none of them are really free enough to be by my side on the wedding day.

For those who are still debating on whether or not you should have bridesmaids, and are seriously thinking of it because of these reasons:

  1. You have too many girlfriends from the same clique, like seriously 8-15 of them and you don’t wanna pick & choose [My suggestion is, take ALL of them, or none at all? If you have a close affiliation with say 2-3 of them, just pick the 2-3 and be transparent about it with the rest. I think the whole issue of not offending anyone still applies, but there are always better ways to go around it. I think honesty and practicality are the 2 main motivators here.]
  2. You want to involve family members first before your friendsĀ [My suggestion is, include both if you can. Maybe 1-2 of your sister(s)/cousin(s) and 1-2 of your closest friends. That way they can make new friends, and you can get the best of both worlds!]
  3. You have an idea of who you want to make your bridesmaids, but they don’t know each other!Ā [That’s the issue I ran into! Think about it, if they are your chosen ones, they should be friendly and sociable people, right? These are the traits that will hopefully make them useful bridesmaids on your big day. They will need to interact with people, usher people, work directly with vendors, and generally be a pleasant person. If they possess the above mentioned qualities, I’m QUIIITE sure they’re open to working with your other friends, right? :)]

In my next post I’ll share about my bridesmaids’ outfits. Xoxo


little things i’m still stressing over

1. corset for my wedding (omgggg so many options and i’m seriously clueless! girdle, shapwear, latex, steel boning??!!)

well my mak andam did specify that the best type to go for would be the wired ones, and Triumph and Wacoal are the most trusted brands. but still, apart from the fact that i’m so not looking forward to putting (squeezing?) myself into 2 whole days of torturous pain, i’m very clueless about which type to get.

2. wedding shoes

1 thing you should know about me is i NEVER wear heels. i did lah, when i was a teenager, but i started developing painful bunions and i never tried wearing them again. plus, i run into a rather unique predicament of having a fiance who is just about the same height as me… so macam, tak best lah, to wear very high heels and be taller than your groom on the big day, right? i mean, it’s just weird in photos, in my personal opinion.

i’ve always valued comfort over fashion, function over form, especially when it comes to footwear. i’ve had to throw/donate too many pairs of shoes that looked good but gave me painful bloody blisters.

my everyday footwear consists of my 100% trusted Sebago loafers, Aerosoles flats, and my Ipanema strappy sandals. hahahaha so when it comes to this “Wedding shoe” category, i think i’m in deep deep DEEP trouble…