Coming from a family of workaholics (or hard workers sounds nicer), I must constantly remind myself not to be one. It’s easy to get caught up dedicating yourself in your profession, aiming for perfection or excellence, but at what cost?

Some days I do come back home feeling so exhausted that the last thing I need is any form of human interaction. Being in this line of work, where interacting with people constantly nonstop, I’ve started to become more and more absent-minded… Heard of the “mummy brain”? I call mine the “Teacher’s Brain”. We are continually bombarded with so many different issues, many of which involve interpersonal relationships and also connecting to the other person to some level, that it really wears into the mind, body, and soul.

I made the conscious decision to get married on the 1st weekend of the March school holidays, so that I could have the short 1 week to just get away for a few days. Definitely will save up for the longer trip in Nov/Dec holidays. But just yesterday when we settled the booking for flights and accomodation, it dawned on me that right after March holidays, Term 2 Week 1 will start. And time waits for no man. It really is a depressing thought hahahahahah

Well, I think it boils down to striving towards a work-life balance, and not letting work consume you. Eventually, we learn that work truly never ever ends…


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