Bridesmaid Outfits

Bridesmaids outfits are settled!

The general look I desired was simple, classy, and elegant. I have 1 hijabi bridesmaid, so I had to take that into account as well. The dress above is from the brand LOCKA, and I ordered 3 pieces at a discounted price amounting to around SGD40 each only. It’s made of the normal polyblend material (wrinkle-free and lightweight) and it’s called the Aliaa Pleated Dress. It’s a lovely shade of nude peach, so it’s something that anyone and everyone can wear. Thankfully, I’ve passed 2 dresses over to my 2 bridesmaids (last one to be handed over later tonight :D) and they said that the dress fits them well! Yay!

I did take into account how plain it looks, and of course it’s up to them how they wanna accessorize it. I think the dress would look amazing with statement jewellery.

For the brides or b2bs out there, do you have any MUA (makeup artists) to recommend for bridesmaid makeovers? Preferably good and affordable. Thankssss

3 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Outfits

  1. theklumsybride January 19, 2017 / 5:37 am

    Check out pretty quickly on carousell and fb babe! $50 je per person! ๐Ÿ™‚


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