Latest want/obsession – 90s/80s style studio shoot

I think the closer I am to the wedding date, the more itchy my fingers get… Idk if this is a blessing or a woe that most items on my to-do list have been checked off, such that my mind starts wandering to places that are daaaangerous for a close-to-broke bride-to-be like me.

Well this fervent obsession with the traditional songket kebaya started about 1 month ago when I realised, scrolling through more and more bridal companies on instagram and facebook, that I wouldn’t be wearing the traditional long songket kebaya for my wedding. In particular, I was looking at Versari Ade and Sqeen Bridal Couture‘s page and it struck me that the pieces I’ve chosen for my wedding are very modern. The modern songket dress-types… and I so yearned to wear at least ONE traditional piece for my big day, something like this;

It didn’t help that I kept on thinking and thinking of the kuning keramat (bright yellow) songket outfit that appealed so much to me. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think it’s a unique and underrated colour that many shy away from because they think it looks dated and “orbit” – I personally think yellow looks good on me and in line with the trope of “Raja/Permaisuri Sehari“, I learned that most Malaysian and Bruneian royalties would don the “kuning keramat” shades for their special events. Hehehe

So I surfaced the idea of renting 1 additional outfit from a bridal house to be worn on my Sunday event.. because we planned on only wearing 1 outfit from 2-5pm, and I’m thinking like omg so boring? Alas, the idea didn’t really sit well with my fiance because he imagined Sunday to be a veeeery lepak affair. I understand his point because Saturday would already be jam-packed from 11-4pm with 3 outfit changes. He didn’t want another round of stress for us. Plus when I enquired with the bridal house regarding rental costs, it came up to about an additional $500-$600. I had to be realistic and rid my mind of all these unnecessary wants. $500-$600 for only ONE outfit and pakai setakat 1 jam? And because my MUA is another person, it just does not make any economic sense to go forth with the idea.

When we managed to meet halfway and found a cool concept that both of us liked…

Well, as weeks went by, I realised that I STILL yearned to be able to wear something very traditional, and to remember it as part of our special day for the years to come… I stumbled upon some photos of the 80s/90s-style indoor studio photoshoot and fell in love. I’m talking the kind of wedding albums that your aunts/uncles used to have, with them wearing like 5-6 different outfits (like a Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Western, and finally perhaps 2 different Malay songket outfits) and posing in front of harsh studio lights with a plain studio backdrop.

This would be an ala-carte service that both fiance & I would be taking up as a post-wedding photoshoot. Orang buat pre-wedding, kita buat post-wedding. Hehehe. But we’d never planned to do pre-wedding because our families don’t practise it personally and it’s just not us to display pics of us in close proximity before we are halal.I think it’s a beautiful concept for those open to try, but we prefer doing it after the wedding stress is over. 😀

It’s a long-forgotten concept and service. I think it’s something that we don’t need but something we don’t mind investing some money in, because these are photos we feel that would bring back many memories of our first year together. Something that we would be able to put in an physical album and show our kids and grandkids in the future insyaAllah. And when else would we get the opportunity to feeling2 pengantin and bersolek2 and dress up if not now? (Not to say that our actual-day photography wouldn’t serve as memories. In fact, they do, but the focus would be on the majlis and not on US as a couple.) 

Some of the examples below, pictures credit to Versari Ade & Invogue Photography:

So right now I’m surveying service providers… if any of you have suggestions, do let me know of any contacts that are able to provide this service please!

T-25 Days

Say whaaaaaaaat?!

I’m definitely 90% excited, 10% jaded already. No feelings of anxiety yet. I think those feelings will rush in like 1 day before the wedding. I’m blessed to have a strong family always having my back. Just a few days ago I followed my parents from 9am-9pm just going round to relative’s houses to distribute the wedding cards. The guest list mostly comprises my parents’ relatives (aka people I don’t even know) hehe so it was nice to meet them and also to see my parents being so uber excited about it. Alhamdulillah.

My cards have been sent out a week ago… I think 4 weeks before the wedding was cutting it preeeetty short, but hey, most of my friends already knew I was getting married; the cards just serve as a reminder.

Sooner than later, this blog may be defunct! Hahahahaha.

Our ROMM Experience


We went on a Friday, so after Friday prayers, we gathered there at about 2.15pm. When we reached the place, there was only 1 other family and they were queuing up in front of the queue-ticket machine. My mother, who used to work at MSF met a few of her ex-colleagues… and she was happily chatting and catching up with her friends and her friend actually told me to just queue up behind the machine. Even though the machine wasn’t issuing tickets yet because the system would only re-open exactly at 2.30pm, I queued up behind the family.

Well it was an extremely smooth process, alhamdulillah. First and foremost you need to show your documents to the counter lady when your queue no. is called.. after which you wait for your queue no. to be called for the 2nd time. Your wali is to go in first. My dad took about 8 minutes in, quite long.. I remember sitting next to my fiance and we were speculating on the questions the registrar would ask my dad hahahaha. But no problem la, I’m the youngest daughter and my dad has been through this process before so I know he was super chillax.

After awhile we heard the door click and we looked up to see my dad was standing at the door, beckoning BOTH my fiance and me together to go in. We were told on a few occasions that we were to go in separately so it was like a few seconds of confusion but when we went in, my fiance led the way and he greeted the registrar with a firm salam 🙂

When we walked in, most of our nervousness melted away because the registrar did NOT ask us ANY questions other than the obligatory confirmation of whether my dad was indeed my rightful wali, and if we were married before, so on and so forth. Basically thw questions are “yes or no” questions, and we were not asked any questions like “Have you attended any religious classes before?” and not even asked to furnish him with any details. For this, I was very pleased with the procedure. In a matter of 2 minutes we were asked to take the statutory declaration. Just raise your right hand and repeat after the registrar. 🙂 Very very very simple.

Right after we were done, I was busy snap chatting, and a few of my friends who were getting married soon were like bombarding me with questions “Eh how was it!!” hahaha I would like to reassure everyone that it’s really a total of 20 minutes from start to finish and not to worry or think about it too much. InsyaAllah.


PS – Oh and no, didn’t take the photo at the ROMM dais because my parents malas nak layan hahahahahaha plus there were some Chinese couples who just got married so they were having photoshoot there

Selection of Outfits (Part 2)

Selection of Western Outfit

This part was fairly easy and straightforward too. When we first met Kak Nas in 2016 right after we got engaged, we did ask her about men’s western suit. Thing is, my fiance had his own navy suit tailored a couple of years back ,and it’s really luxurious and makes him look ultra sharp… so of course he wanted to wear it for the wedding. All that was left was for him to get a matching pair of pants tailored (check! he did it at a tailor at Queensway for $65) and he would be good to go. I did tell her that I envisioned him wearing a pink/peach shirt underneath his navy blue jacket because I’ve always adored that colour combination. As such, if possible I would go for a pink dress…

She did show me some new pieces which had not arrived at the showroom, but as luck would have had it, I saw this particular piece in the showroom which drew my attention… It’s a beautiful colour… I was again torn between 2 pieces, but fiance made the final call for me (yes I can be extremely indecisive at times).


After the pieces had been chosen, she took both our measurements and did tell us to try our best to maintain our weight and not fluctuate too much. She said that we can make an appointment on the event week itself in order to try the pieces and to make any last minute MINOR adjustments. Key word here is MINOR because like most would already know, it is always easier to make a garment smaller than to re-open the stitches to make it bigger.

I’ve been trying my best to maintain good eating habits (LOL). I mean, I’m happy with my physical appearance but I really kalau boleh tak nak menyusahkan Kak Nas and make myself panic on my event week, in the event that my dress doesn’t fit me as nicely as I had hoped…

Well as you can tell The Atelier Weddings for right now do not offer the option to try the pieces on the selection date, and this has been made clear to us since the very beginning… I think it’s important for you b2bs to ask and be extremely inquisitive with the company’s rep and ask if trying is permitted.. because selection and trying are 2 very different things. I know my bridesmaid was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be trying my pieces until the event week… but this part, I’ve decided to just tawakkal and leave it in the hands of God hahahaha, InsyaAllah ameen!

Rental/Borrowing of Accessories like Veil/Kain Samping

Since I’ve bought my own nikah outfit, I also had some difficulty finding a matching veil for my champagne-cream baju kurung… so I brought it along and asked Kak Nas if she could let me use one of her many veils that could match the baju.

She took a closer look at the baju kurung and promised me that she had one that could definitely match. Alhamdulillah. If anything, trying to find a veil that matches your own off-the-rack or tailor-made baju can be daunting and irritating-to-the-max (unless you’re smarter than me and buy extra lace and tulle to tailor your own veil OR you stick to easy colour baju like white and black). Because I tangan gatal and picked champagne (it’s a very specific colour and the JB boutique managed to con me into buying an offwhite veil which after I went home and saw it in normal lighting – TAK MATCHING LANGSONGGGG sigh.)

My fiance also brought along his champagne baju kurung and asked to borrow any nice pastel-themed kain samping…. but eventually he decided to buy his own samping, and we’ve done so (stay tuned for that blog post!)

So Kak Nas said she will just have these accessories on hand during our final fitting for me to see the final look.

And with that, our outfits are more or less settleddddd!


Selection of Outfits (Part 1)


So a few weeks back (2 months before my wedding date), I rushed off from work in order to make it in time for my outfit selection at The Atelier Weddings. One thing to note is that it was slightly difficult for me to find a good time to come down, because of their appointment hours. I feel they are quite limited to be very honest.. Tues-Thurs only and I was told that it has to be done before 5pm. Well this is abit difficult for me because I teach and I can’t take days off like most other professions… and I can only leave at 3pm on weekdays, and 1pm on Fridays. The timing suggested to us was at 4pm.. so my fiance had to take PM leave and he picked me right on the dot at 3pm. BUT to be fair, Kak Nas (the woman behind this company) is working very hard for this up and coming brand, and I totally understand that work-life balance needs to be maintained. I think that was just a verrryyy minor setback which alhamdulillah we managed to compromise on. I’m just being as detailed and honest here 🙂

First Impression

When we arrived, we noticed that the showroom is really pretty, and we were of course greeted with the beautiful and ever gracious Kak Nas (the main woman behind the company).

She asked us if we had any specific colours in which I told her that we are extremely simple and fuss-free people.. Bearing in mind I already have my own nikah outfit in champagne-cream, and we have tailored our own mint-green & gold outfits for Sunday majlis, we wanted to steer away from pastels.

So I suggested to her, “maybe jewel or deep tones for the songket?”

Selection of Songket Outfit

She started pulling out pieces and somehow or other, both Kak Nas and my fiance were drawn towards this particular songket piece which they both agreed complemented my skin tone (???) well. Hahahaha I was laughing because fiance keeps telling me that I pull off such colours well, but I never believed him until Kak Nas herself encouraged me to go for that particular piece. Well, I’m happy with it and I’m looking forward to wearing it! I will say, however, my choice surprised me in a goooood way.

As for fiance, he’s really nonchalant about such things and told me right from the get-go that whatever I pick ,he’ll be happy to wear. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak bakal suami yang tak cerewet hahahaha.