Selection of Outfits (Part 1)


So a few weeks back (2 months before my wedding date), I rushed off from work in order to make it in time for my outfit selection at The Atelier Weddings. One thing to note is that it was slightly difficult for me to find a good time to come down, because of their appointment hours. I feel they are quite limited to be very honest.. Tues-Thurs only and I was told that it has to be done before 5pm. Well this is abit difficult for me because I teach and I can’t take days off like most other professions… and I can only leave at 3pm on weekdays, and 1pm on Fridays. The timing suggested to us was at 4pm.. so my fiance had to take PM leave and he picked me right on the dot at 3pm. BUT to be fair, Kak Nas (the woman behind this company) is working very hard for this up and coming brand, and I totally understand that work-life balance needs to be maintained. I think that was just a verrryyy minor setback which alhamdulillah we managed to compromise on. I’m just being as detailed and honest here 🙂

First Impression

When we arrived, we noticed that the showroom is really pretty, and we were of course greeted with the beautiful and ever gracious Kak Nas (the main woman behind the company).

She asked us if we had any specific colours in which I told her that we are extremely simple and fuss-free people.. Bearing in mind I already have my own nikah outfit in champagne-cream, and we have tailored our own mint-green & gold outfits for Sunday majlis, we wanted to steer away from pastels.

So I suggested to her, “maybe jewel or deep tones for the songket?”

Selection of Songket Outfit

She started pulling out pieces and somehow or other, both Kak Nas and my fiance were drawn towards this particular songket piece which they both agreed complemented my skin tone (???) well. Hahahaha I was laughing because fiance keeps telling me that I pull off such colours well, but I never believed him until Kak Nas herself encouraged me to go for that particular piece. Well, I’m happy with it and I’m looking forward to wearing it! I will say, however, my choice surprised me in a goooood way.

As for fiance, he’s really nonchalant about such things and told me right from the get-go that whatever I pick ,he’ll be happy to wear. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak bakal suami yang tak cerewet hahahaha.


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