Our ROMM Experience


We went on a Friday, so after Friday prayers, we gathered there at about 2.15pm. When we reached the place, there was only 1 other family and they were queuing up in front of the queue-ticket machine. My mother, who used to work at MSF met a few of her ex-colleagues… and she was happily chatting and catching up with her friends and her friend actually told me to just queue up behind the machine. Even though the machine wasn’t issuing tickets yet because the system would only re-open exactly at 2.30pm, I queued up behind the family.

Well it was an extremely smooth process, alhamdulillah. First and foremost you need to show your documents to the counter lady when your queue no. is called.. after which you wait for your queue no. to be called for the 2nd time. Your wali is to go in first. My dad took about 8 minutes in, quite long.. I remember sitting next to my fiance and we were speculating on the questions the registrar would ask my dad hahahaha. But no problem la, I’m the youngest daughter and my dad has been through this process before so I know he was super chillax.

After awhile we heard the door click and we looked up to see my dad was standing at the door, beckoning BOTH my fiance and me together to go in. We were told on a few occasions that we were to go in separately so it was like a few seconds of confusion but when we went in, my fiance led the way and he greeted the registrar with a firm salam 🙂

When we walked in, most of our nervousness melted away because the registrar did NOT ask us ANY questions other than the obligatory confirmation of whether my dad was indeed my rightful wali, and if we were married before, so on and so forth. Basically thw questions are “yes or no” questions, and we were not asked any questions like “Have you attended any religious classes before?” and not even asked to furnish him with any details. For this, I was very pleased with the procedure. In a matter of 2 minutes we were asked to take the statutory declaration. Just raise your right hand and repeat after the registrar. 🙂 Very very very simple.

Right after we were done, I was busy snap chatting, and a few of my friends who were getting married soon were like bombarding me with questions “Eh how was it!!” hahaha I would like to reassure everyone that it’s really a total of 20 minutes from start to finish and not to worry or think about it too much. InsyaAllah.


PS – Oh and no, didn’t take the photo at the ROMM dais because my parents malas nak layan hahahahahaha plus there were some Chinese couples who just got married so they were having photoshoot there

2 thoughts on “Our ROMM Experience

  1. rima February 3, 2017 / 9:49 am

    babe, I’m wondering if the reason why the registrar didn’t ask you those questions is because of something your dad might have said during his interview? hahahahaha just wondering if in general, the registrars ask those questions as a follow up to whatever information they receive from the wali


    • atxii February 3, 2017 / 11:23 am

      that’s possible!!! but i didnt ask my dad about it

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