T-3 days say whaaaat?

I’m going to my andaman for my final fitting later this afternoon! Cutting it very close in my opinion with 3 days left, but what to do when your kak andam is the one who set the appointment date? Hahahaha

I’m excited to try on my outfits and reeeeaaallly hopeful that there won’t be any glitches because at this point I’m unsure if any alterations can be done with such short notice?

Work wise, Term 1 is coming to an end and I’m just sighing a huge breath of relief because today marks the end of all teaching for Term 1! Tomorrow will be a school activity and Friday i’ll be on leave already heheheheh

I’ll be having my henna party on Friday, at the complimentary chalet at The Chevrons. Dinner will be catered (cooked by a family friend), and a night’s sleep… and that’s it!

Also, I had to change my henna artist like a week ago because there was no response from the vendor Zahra Bridal Henna… only after I sent her a strongly worded message expressing my disappointment and dissatisfaction, she replied me. She was kind enough to apologise and ask if I would like to continue, but I said no. Fortunately I was able to find a replacement, Iffa Henna.. so far I’ve been really pleased with the excellent customer service. Plus, I’m like knocking myself on the head for not checking her out earlier, cos she’s super talented??? Hehehe.

I’ll see if I’ll have time to update again. If not, I’ll see you guys on the other side 😉

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