20 weeks!

1. How many months are you? 5
2. Family’s Reaction? positive!
3. Do you know the sex? hahaha funny story. went in for the detailed scan a couple days ago… was soooo looking forward to finding out the sex (all the months leading up to this day), and baby REFUSED to uncross his/her legs! after 3 rounds of scanning on the same day and still the same thing. ohhh wells. i guess we’ll have to exercise patience.
4. Biggest craving? sweet stuff, milky drinks, at times spicy soups?
5. Best part of being pregnant? having a baby at the end of it all! oh and also feeling loved when my husband admires my growing bump. 🙂 🙂
6. Worst part of being pregnant? FIRST TRIMESTER NAUSEA! swollen feet! being overly hormonal and over-thinking. having to be 1000x more careful about everything. haha but nothing is worse than the nausea and vomitting for me.
7. Names picked out? we’re set on a name if it’s a girl (it’s a name we’ve thought of since before getting married LOL) … we have a few names up for debate for a boy 😉
8. Who will be with you during labor? my husband
9. Birth plan? we’ll think of one when i reach my 3rd tri!
10. Will you film it? no
11. Natural or Medicated? hahaha i think we’ll go for whichever. i’m not opposed to a medicated birth (i.e epidural) because both my sister and sister-in-law had those and didn’t have anything negative to say about them. i’m of course aware that a natural birth is what most would aim for.. but i’m flexible. as long as my anak comes out safe and happy, insyaAllah
12. Scared about labor? haha nervous and still full of questions, yes. scared? no. it’s part of what i’ve signed myself up for, no? 🙂
13. What do you look forward to after pregnancy? kissing my baby a thousand times everyday hahahah
14. Breastfeed? i’ll try insyaAllah
15. Plan to work or be a stay at home mom? will have to continue to work
16. Will you make your own baby food? hmmm seeing as to how i’m cooking for my husband and family almost everyday, i hope so. quite comfortable in the kitchen already. but of course things will change inevitably, so we’ll see.
17. Do you have nursery ideas/themes? no. we’re just using the spare bedroom which is like a guest bedroom/solat room/storage room hahahaha

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