27 weeks

So it has come to this. Just feeling like a beached whale (LOL) most of the time, lounging around for free and having a free pass to drinking cold sweet drinks whenever I want just because I’m now much, much, more visibly pregnant. I also got my first offer to a reserved seat on the MRT a few days ago! Woohoo. 😛

I know this is probably just the beginning… I’ve had a very smooth 2nd trimester alhamdulillah. That sudden burst of energy around weeks 15-20 were soooo welcome after feeling like a lifeless vegetable during the 1st trimester. Then towards the end at weeks 25-26, the swollen feet, back pains, itchy tummy, etc etc just came full blast. Pregnancy really hits you in waves ; some moments you’re dancing on a cloud of euphoria and the next, you’re a sweating human wishing you had chosen to just stay home and curl up in bed all day. Oh well.

The mood swings have been there all right. I was none-the-wiser till my dear husband and siblings made comments like, “Eh, why so bitchy?” Hahahaha I’m mainly very grumpy towards my poor little nieces and nephews. Which doesn’t bode well for my own child, right? Hahaha.

All in all, I’m having a great time. Alhamdulillah. I still feel blessed every single day that we have a little one to call our own insyaAllah in a matter of a few months.

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