Update on my (not-so) new-year resolutions 2019

Cruelty-free makeup and skincare only  

Makeup? What makeup? I’ve sworn off makeup since the start of the year. Couldn’t keep up with it. Maybe I’ll write a more detailed post about my beauty philosophy sometime in the near future… but I can give some hints : I don’t wear makeup because taking it all off for solat and then having to reapply is a pain in the butt!

Drink more warm water (no iced water!)

Ehhhh why did I even make this my resolution? Warm water grosses me out. Iced water all day errday please and thank you.

Be more outdoorsy and adventurous with Sarah

I’ve been bringing her down to walk around the park near where we live, and void deck bubble-play time has been our most loved activity. Sarah loves picking up random leaves, flowers, and twigs. We try not to discourage her from exploring… i can only imagine how much she can benefit from sensory play! Perhaps I’ll cancel the warm water resolution and add a new resolution : Do at least 5 DIY play tricks with Sarah by the end of the year.

Hair cut and treatment every 3 months

So we’re in May, and I’ve gone for ONE major haircut and treatment at Karva Jcube. It was quite expensive to be honest and the treatment I picked (the mint creambath) didn’t produce any long-lasting effects. The massage and cooling sensation was daaaamn syiok, though. But nothing I’d pay more than $80 (it cost me more than that) for. The next haircut and treatment is due by the end of June. Think I’ll do it in Bandung when we visit in 2 weeks’ time.

Visit the mosque more often

Alas, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve not accomplished this resolution. Nowhere even near. We’ve been spending Ramadhan mostly exclusively at home, with a very fixed schedule of a simple iftar at home, followed by putting Sarah down to sleep by 8pm, and then resting for the next gruelling day. Before Ramadhan, I had longed to explore child-friendly mosques and was excited to learn that  Al-Khair had a family room where mothers and their children could perform their terawih prayers in peace. But coming home everyday after a tough term in school left both husband and I totally spent. Alhamdulillah, though, I’ve been sticking to my 5 daily prayers and I’m so grateful that Ramadhan had facilitated my newfound determination.

Work out with husband more and eventually land ourselves gym memberships


Be more proactive with dentist visits

We’re going this weekend!

Read 20 non work-related books

Done! I’ve completed my Goodreads challenge! This one was surprisingly a breeze. Reading for at least 30 minutes before bedtime has helped me to complete this relatively quickly.

Move into my new home!

By end of this year!

Take only public transport one day out of the weekend

So far so good. We’re still struggling with the temptation of “Aiyah, let’s just Grab Taxi, ok?” but we’ve been planning our days to go to places that are closer to home. And when we do that, we take public transport.

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